Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

The Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (or PPE Workshop) was established in 1999 to encourage and explore the latest research by scholars from across the social sciences and humanities. For almost 20 years, the PPE Workshop has been a vehicle for scholars and graduate students to discuss and receive feedback on research.

The workshop is typically held on Thursdays from 2:00-3:30pm in the Ludwig von Mises Seminar Room (D100) in James Buchanan Hall on the Mason Fairfax campus.

Current Schedule

spring 2019

January 24, 2019—Book Panel: Public Entrepreneurship, Citizenship, and Self Governance (Cambridge, 2018) by Paul Dragos Aligica

  • Paul Dragos Aligica (Political Science, Mercatus Center at George Mason University)

  • Jerry Gaus (Philosophy, University of Arizona)

  • James Johnson (Political Science, University of Rochester)

  • Jennifer Murtazashvili (Political Science, University of Pittsburgh)

January 31, 2019—Christian List (Political Science and Philosophy, London School of Economics and Political Science) on “Free Will in a Physical World”

February 14, 2019—Yair Listokin (Law and Economics, Yale University) on “Law and Macroeconomics”

February 28, 2019—Nikhar Gaikwad (Political Science, Columbia University) on “Identity Politics and Economic Policy: Theory and Evidence from India”

March 7, 2019—Bryan Leonard (Economics, Arizona State University) on “Private vs. Government Ownership of Natural Resources: Evidence from the Bakken”

March 21, 2019—Shelby Grossman (Political Science, University of Memphis)

March 28, 2019—Mark Koyama (Economics, George Mason University) and Noel Johnson (Economics, George Mason University) on Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom (Cambridge, 2019)

April 11, 2019—Glory Liu (Political Science, Brown University) on “Adam Smith's Theory of the State”

April 18, 2019—Christy Ford Chapin (History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County) on “Health Care”

April 25, 2019—Book Panel: F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018) by Peter J. Boettke

  • Peter J. Boettke (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Bruce Caldwell (Economics, Duke University)

  • Paul Lewis (Economics, King's College London)

  • Sandra Peart (Economics, University of Richmond)