Nobody can be a great economist who is only an economist – and I am even tempted to add that the economist who is only an economist is likely to become a nuisance if not a positive danger.
— F. A. Hayek
The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.
— F. A. Hayek


F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy

Impressive, wide-ranging, highly illuminating new book from [Peter Boettke] on the great Hayek.
— Cass Sunstein (Harvard University)
Boettke has beaten a path through several decades of intensive work by a great thinker to identify the most important and fruitful line of march for scholars and friends of liberal democracy.
— Rafe Champion in "Quadrant"
In an excellent new book, “F. A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy, and Social Philosophy,” Peter J. Boettke reconstructs Hayek’s intellectual project and argues for the continued relevance of his ideas. Boettke shows us the richness of Hayek’s work and the interconnectedness of the various strands of his thinking. The emergent theme of the work is the sophistication and importance of Hayek’s science of liberty, which Boettke uses both to inspire future academic research and to heighten our regard for liberty and the institutional frameworks that support it.
— Erik W. Matson (New York University) in the Russell Kirk Center's "Bookman"

Exploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of F. A. Hayek

Edited by three major contributors to the modern literatures of public choice and Austrian economics, Exploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of F. A. Hayek comprises a wide-ranging set of essays applying classical liberal thinking across the social sciences, from immigration to rights claims, presenting ideas that are indispensable in today’s world of closed minds and closing borders.
— William F. Shughart II (Utah State University)
Friedrich Hayek was one of the most insightful social scientists of the twentieth century. This volume shows the continuing relevance of Hayek’s ideas by using them as a foundation for exploring a variety of topics from a Hayekian perspective. These essays provide readers with an increased appreciation for Hayek’s intellectual contributions and insight into a variety of economic, legal and social institutions.
— Randall G. Holcombe (Florida State University)
This diverse and insightful collection represents the very best of contemporary Hayekian scholarship. The breadth of research is astounding and provides a fitting testimony to the multidisciplinary relevance of Hayek’s career. Anyone in the social sciences and humanities will find insights and incitement for future work exploring how individuals engage with emergent orders to coordinate their activities.
— Anthony J. Evans (ESCP Europe Business School)

The Legacy of F. A. Hayek: Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 3 volumes have [all the papers in these volumes] available for selected study or reference in a single set of volumes is an editorial achievement for which all with an interest in Hayek will be grateful.
— Allen Oakley in "Journal of the History of Economic Thought"

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In this Reason Podcast, Nick Gillespie talk with Boettke about the historical and intellectual context of Hayek's thought, the influence of Hayek's mentor Ludwig von Mises on his work, and how libertarians can follow Hayek's dictum that "we must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage."

Peter Boettke of George Mason University and discusses his recent book in the Great Thinkers in Economics series: F.A. Hayek: Economics, Political Economy and Social Philosophy.

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Peter Boettke on the continuing relevance of F.A. Hayek.

Peter Boettke analiza la permanente relevancia del pensamiento de F.A. Hayek en el XI Congreso de Economía Austriaca, que tuvo lugar en las instalaciones de UFM Madrid los días 26 y 27 de septiembre de 2018.

To reflect on the significance of Hayek's Nobel Prize and the various strands of influence his work has had in subsequent decades of scholarship, the Mercatus F .A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics hosted a keynote speech and panel discussion by some of Hayek's most prominent colleagues and interlocutors.