PPE Workshop Archive

August 30, 2018—Book Panel: Tyranny Comes Home: The Domestic Fate of U.S. Militarism by Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail R. Hall (listen to the audio here)

  • Christopher J. Coyne (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Miriam Cohen (Law, University of Montreal)

  • John Tirman (Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • Jessica Trisko Darden (Political Science, American University)

September 6, 2018—David Schmidtz (Philosophy, University of Arizona) on “Rediscovering Moral Science”

September 13, 2018—Emily Chamlee-Wright (Economics, Institute for Humane Studies) on “The Political Economy of Free Speech”

September 20, 2018—Terence Kealey (Sociology, Cato Institute) on “Modeling the Industrial Revolution as a Contribution Good”

October 18, 2018—Brianne Wolf (Political Science, Ashland University) on “No Man is an Island of Itself: Adam Smith on Autonomy and Judgment”

October 25, 2018—Matthew Weinzierl (Business, Harvard University) on “A Welfarist Role for Nonwelfarist Rules”

November 8, 2018—Malte Dold (Economics, New York University) on “Moral Learning and Constitutional Choice”

November 15, 2018—Nathan Nunn (Economics, Harvard University) on “Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change”—Cancelled due to inclement weather

November 29, 2018—Agnes Callard (Philosophy, University of Chicago) on “The Paradox of Bivalence: Valuing and Attachment”

December 6, 2018—Book Panel: Political Capitalism: How Economic and Political Power Is Made and Maintained by Randall G. Holcombe (audio coming soon!)

  • Randall G. Holcombe (Economics, Florida State University)

  • Joshua C. Hall (Economics, West Virginia University)

  • Christopher J. Coyne (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Matthew Mitchell (Economics, Mercatus Center at George Mason University)

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

January 25, 2018— Book Panel: Elinor Ostrom: An Intellectual Biography by Vlad Tarko

  • Vlad Tarko (Economics, Dickinson College)

  • Peter Boettke (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Bobbi Herzberg (Economics, Mercatus Center at George Mason University)

  • Mike McGinnis (Political Science, Indiana University)

February 1, 2018— Sara Lowes (Economics, Bocconi University) on “Mistrust in Medicine: The Legacy of Colonial Medical Campaigns in Central Africa”

February 15, 2018— Jen Murtazashvili (Political Science, University of Pittsburgh) on “Vicious Cycles: Inefficient Institutions and the Challenge of Post-Conflict State-Building”

February 22, 2018— Chinhui Juhn (Economics, University of Houston) on “The Quantity-Quality Tradeoff and the Formation of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills”

March 8, 2018— Adam Leeds (Anthropology, Harvard University) on “Yuri Yaremenko’s Theory of Planned Growth and the Crisis of the Late Soviet State”

March 22— Sonja Amadae (History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

March 29, 2018— Catherine Herfeld (Philosophy, University of Zurich) on “From Theories of Human Behavior to Rules of Rational Choice: Tracing a Normative Turn at the Cowles Commission, 1943-1954”

April 11, 2018— Buchanan Speaker Series: Markets in Education by David Schmidtz (Philosophy, University of Arizona)

April 19, 2018—- Brian Kogelmann (Philosophy, University of Maryland) on “The Calculus of the Moral Community”

April 26, 2018— Book Panel: WTF! An Economic Tour of the Weird by Peter Leeson

  • Peter Leeson (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Peter Boettke (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Boris Gershman (Economics, American University)

  • Steven Pfaff (Sociology, Washington University)

May 3, 2018— Dennis Rasmussen (Political Science, Tufts University) on “The Philosophy and Friendship of David Hume and Adam Smith”

Fall 2017

August 31, 2017— Book Panel: James M. Buchanan and Liberal Political Economy: A Rational Reconstruction by Richard Wagner

  • Richard Wagner (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Peter Boettke (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Ross Emmett (Economics, Michigan State University)

  • Karen Vaughn (Economics, George Mason University, Emeritus)

September 7, 2017— Atin Basu Choudhary (Economics, Virginia Military Institute) on “Lesson in academic humility: What does attempting to predict growth with ml techniques teach us?”

September 14, 2017— Yehonantan Givati (Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on “Law, Economics, and Language: Spontaneous versus Planned Order”

September 21, 2017— Daniel Smith (Economics, Troy University) on “Long live the King? Death as a Term Limit on Executives”

September 28, 2017— Nicolas Cachanosky (Economics, Metropolitan State University of Denver) on “Is Macroeconomics Taking an Austrian Turn?”

October 5, 2017— Ryan Murphy (Economics, Southern Methodist University) on “The State Economic Modernity Index: An Index of State Building, State size and Scope, and Economic Power”

October 12, 2017— Robert Leonard (Economics, Université du Québec à Montréal) on “Tools Machines and Metaphysics: E. F. Schumacher and the Idea of Intermediate Technology, 1950-1977”

October 19, 2017— Tony Gill (Political Science, University of Washington) on “The Libertarian Club Conundrum: Local Norms, Open Borders, and What I learned at the Friendly Neighborhood Megachurch”

October 25, 2017— Hayek Speaker Series: Humane Libertarianism: A New American Liberalism by Deirdre McCloskey (Economics, History, English, and Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago)

November 9, 2017— Stephen Davies (History, Institute for Economic Affairs) on “Cities, Networks, and Power in History and Today”

November 30, 2017— Greg Dempster (Economics, Hampden-Sydney College) on “The Political Economy of Venture Creation”

December 7, 2017— Book Panel: Stateless Commerce: The Diamond Network and the Persistence of Relational Exchange by Barak Richman

  • Barak Richman (Law, Duke University)

  • Peter Boettke (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Peter Leeson (Economics, George Mason University)

  • David Skarbek (Economics, Brown University)

Spring 2017

January 26, 2017— Book Panel: Faces of Moderation: The Art of Balance in an Age of Extremes by Aurelian Craiutu

  • Aurelian Craiutu (Political Science, Indiana University Bloomington)

  • Joshua Cherniss (Government, Georgetown University)

  • Karol Soltan (Government and Politics, University of Maryland, College Park)

February 2, 2017— Michael Douma (History, Georgetown University) on “What is Classical Liberal History”

February 9, 2017— Jonathan Klick (Law, University of Pennsylvania) on “The Value of the Right to Exclude: An Empirical Assessment”

February 16, 2017— Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde (Economics, University of Pennsylvania) on “Global Economics History: A Proposal for a New Textbook"

February 23, 2017— Alexander Salter (Economics, Texas Tech University) on “Political Property Rights in Medieval Representative Assemblies”

March 9, 2017— Alain Marciano (Economics, Universite de Montpellier) on “The Making of a Constitutionalist: James Buchanan on Education”

March 29, 2017— Hayek Speaker Series: Immigration and Freedom by Chandran Kukathas (Political Theory, London School of Economics)

March 30— Magnus Henrekson (Economics, Research Institute of Industrial Economics) on “Entrepreneurship and Institutions: A Bidirectional Relationship”

April 6, 2017— Ilia Murtazashvili (Political Science, University of Pittsburgh) on “Public Sector Governance and the Origins of Private Property Rights”

April 20, 2017— John Dove (Economics, Troy University) on “It’s Easier to Contract than to Pay: Judicial Independence and the U.S. Municipal Default in the 19th Century”

April 27, 2017— Beatrice Cherrier (History, University of Caen) on “Economists’ interest in collective decision after World War II: a history”

May 4, 2017— Book Panel: Escape from Democracy: The Role of Experts and the Public in Economic Policy by David Levy and Sandra Peart

  • David Levy (Economics, George Mason University)

  • Sandra Peart (Economics, University of Richmond)

  • Roger Congleton (Economics, West Virginia University)

  • Roger Koppl (Economics and Finance, Syracuse University)