Handbook On Contemporary Austrian Economics

Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., 2010





This Handbook looks through the lens of the latest generation of scholars at the main propositions believed by so-called ‘Austrians’. Each contributing author addresses key tenets of the school of thought, and outlines its ongoing contribution to economics and to the social sciences. Contributor's include, S.A. Beaulier, P.J. Boettke, C.J. Coyne, A.J. Evans, P.T. Leeson, S.C. Miller, B. Powell, F. Sautet, V.H. Storr, E.P. Stringham, J.R. Subrick.



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"The most important thing about this book is that it is written by people who for the most part weren't born during the first revival (1974). It is not an attempted ressusciation nor a history of thought. It sets out the main propositions of the *current* research agenda of the Austrian school, demonstrates and cites examples of *contemporary* work, and reflects a generation of scholars that are receiving widespread *mainstream* credibility. If Lin Ostrom winning the Nobel Prize enticed some Austrians to come out of the closet and lose a few inhibitions, so should this!"

Anthony J. Evans, book contributor, Associate Professor of Economics ESCP Europe



"Peter J. Boettke brings together ten third-generation 'modern' Austrian economists to outline ten core propositions of the  Austrian school of economics.... While the core tenets of Austrian economics are certainly open to debate, Boettke meets the challenge and the propositions provide the reader with his particular view of the discipline."


-  David Howden, St. Louis University, Madrid Campus

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