Robustní politická ekonomie pro 21. století [Robust political economy for the 21st century]

Prague, Czech Republic: CEVRO Institut Academic Press, 2011.





"Professor Peter Boettke of George Mason University is now the main representative of the tradition of the Austrian school of economics, an idea which has recently experienced a renaissance. Austrian School comes with strong arguments against government interference with the functioning of markets and rejects meaningful policies based on support potávky during the crisis. Professor Boettke, whose research has recently focused on the analysis of the markets self-regulating properties, brought a whole new generation of theorists. through which the ideas of Austrian economists re-spread in the academic community. According to these pro-market economists, government intervention only sow the seeds of future crises."


- Wall Street Journal


"In this book, Professor Boettke shows a wide range of applications of the Smith-Menger tradition for society's problems. It analyzes the key moments that determined the economics shift from its original base in humanities; discusses the limits of spontaneous self-regulation and rulemaking; maps one of the most important debates in the social sciences 20th century on the possibilities of central planning; demonstrates the need for understanding the economic collapse of the Soviet Union, but also the failure of modern attempts to export Western institutions in the developing world, contributing to the debate on management of jointly owned resources and clarifies the link to the right economics, modern political and administrative science."


 - Professor Josef Šima, Rector of the CERVO Institute