ECON895: Advanced Topics in Austrian Economics

This class is designed for advanced students intent on pursuing research withinthe economics profession taking seriously ideas traditionally associated with theAustrian school of economics. The focus is on ideas, not people andpersonalities, and on opportunities for mutually beneficial intellectual exchangeas opposed to critical exegesis.

Past Syllabi

ECON895: Economic Sociology I

Economic sociology is an approach to analyzing economic phenomena that focuses on the social causes and consequences of economic actions and outcomes.  It is a vibrant field of study that exists at the intersection of economics and sociology.  These classes will explore the writings of the key thinkers in the development of the field (e.g. Weber, Polanyi, Marx) alongside more contemporary advances in field (e.g. by Coleman, Granovetter, Swedberg, Zelizer).


Economic Sociology I is a survey in the developments in the field of economic sociology. Special emphasis is placed on the analytical puzzles that emerge from the issue of embeddedness at the individual actor, firm, market structure, and political economy levels. All action is within a context, and we will explore the nature in which the institutional context of decision affects individual action and social interaction.