Cambridge Studies in Economics, Cognition and Society

General Editors: Timur Kuran, Duke University, Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University


This interdisciplinary series explores new integrative directions in economic behavior, cognitive processes, and social outcomes. Contributions are written at a level intelligible to readers across the social sciences. The series provides a forum for both theoretical and empirical investigations of social phenomena.

New Thinking in Political Economy Book Series

Series Editor: Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University


I initiated this series with Edward Elgar Publishing in 1999 with the same purpose in mind that was behind my initiating the Workshop which I direct at GMU--to encourage research by scholars at the intersection of the disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics. My reasoning behind this is simple--economics is most powerful when it retains its "worldly philosophy" character and at its worst when it falls into the trap of believing itself to be a branch of "social engineering". Creative research in political economy emerges from the tension that is generated by conceiving of economics as philosophy and conceiving of it as science--political economy, in other words, is a philosophical science.