Cambridge Elements: Austrian Economics

Editor: Peter Boettke


This Elements series will primarily be focused on contemporary developments in the Austrian School of Economics and its relevance to the methodological and analytical debates at the frontier of social science and humanities research, and the continuing relevance of the Austrian School of Economics for the practical affairs of public policy throughout the world.

Cambridge Studies in Economics, Cognition and Society

General Editors: Timur Kuran, Duke University, Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University


This interdisciplinary series with Cambridge University Press explores new integrative directions in economic behavior, cognitive processes, and social outcomes. Contributions are written at a level intelligible to readers across the social sciences. The series provides a forum for both theoretical and empirical investigations of social phenomena.

New Thinking in Political Economy Book Series

Series Editor: Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University


I initiated this series with Edward Elgar Publishing in 1999 with the same purpose in mind that was behind my initiating the Workshop which I direct at GMU--to encourage research by scholars at the intersection of the disciplines of philosophy, politics and economics. My reasoning behind this is simple--economics is most powerful when it retains its "worldly philosophy" character and at its worst when it falls into the trap of believing itself to be a branch of "social engineering". Creative research in political economy emerges from the tension that is generated by conceiving of economics as philosophy and conceiving of it as science--political economy, in other words, is a philosophical science.